The Highline 2100— a new construction and brand extension—pulls from the historical look of The Highline's original tower with a fresh twist.

NuStyle Highline II_17.jpg

A custom art piece gracing the entrance of the building, was created alongside Katrina Stoffel of Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture and object artist Jason Steady.


Ten wood panels of varying depth were mounted with original canvas artwork prints and installed piece-by-piece, wrapped with a thin frame of hand-oiled walnut. Final dimensions: 6' tall x 12' wide.

NuStyle Highline II_03.jpg

Art and lighting fixtures pull from the historic star pattern detailing, and mirrored finishes used throughout the original building.

NuStyle Highline II_13.jpg
NuStyle Highline II_06.jpg

Since The Highline 2100 features an outdoor pool downtown— a rarity in Omaha— water was also a theme throughout the interior art package.

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full brand development  |  art direction  |  web design



Developer  |  Architect  |  Leasing  |  Jason Steady, Fabricator